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Plumbing Patrol Covid-19 Response

To our valued customers:

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to disrupt our daily life, Plumbing Patrol wants to make sure to homeowners and business customers that we are taking every possible step to help our employees and customers stay safe and healthy not only that We are working tirelessly to serve their needs

At Plumbing Patrol, we're closely monitoring the COVID-19 (coronavirus) and its impact on our community. Our service professionals and office staff are quickly adapting to new ways of life as we all pull together to curtail this outbreak. In response to the virus, we've implemented updated best practices in our workplace to help ensure the health and safety of our employees and customers.

Putting our Employees and Customers First

While we cannot control the severity or unpredictability of this virus, we can take preventive measures to limit the spread and impact of COVID-19. We are currently acting with prudence in our day-to-day operation with basic preventative safety measures following the guidance set forth by the U.S. Federal Government, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other health agencies.

Our Service Professionals are Essential Service Providers

Every Plumbing Patrol team member who visits homeowners and business customer service locations adhere to our high standards of cleanliness, hygiene, and safety before, during and after every service visit and repairs.

To maintain and ensure maximum effectiveness, we’ve instructed our service technicians to uphold and enhance our already strict cleaning and disinfecting measures to ensure the safest possible work environment. Not only this we’re following CDC (Centers for Disease Control) guidelines designed to stop the spread of the virus, including:

Our Exceptional Customer Service

Our exceptional customer service department is fully staffed to assist you with scheduling, rescheduling service calls, answering questions and meeting all your needs. We have implemented the following additional precautions to ensure a safe experience and excellent service.

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What you can do?

Every citizen of the United State of America is united in the fight against the severity or unpredictability of this virus, we can take preventive measures to limit the spread and impact of COVID-19. Follow these tips from the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) to help prevent the spread of the seasonal flu and respiratory diseases like Coronavirus (COVID-19): CDC Coronavirus Website

Why Plumbing Patrol?

We all know many people are working from home and self-quarantining, which can put additional stress on your plumbing and drainage system and create serious plumbing and drain problems. Plumbing Patrol is always available 34/7/365 to solve and prevent some common plumbing problems.

Protecting the health of the nation, our communities and our teams is not new to Plumbing Patrol. Over the past years, our Service Professionals have used best practices to maintain the health and safety of themselves and our customers. Our Service Professionals have always used protective mats to clean their feet before entering the home, put on shoe covers to protect floors, and we have the pride to provide a more reduced contact experience when interacting with our service professionals.

Whether it is rain or shine, thunder or storms, hot water to bathe, cool water to drink, clean water to drink or keeping everything flushing and flowing Plumbing Patrol is here to serve you and our community.

Contact Us

Please contact our corporate office if you have concerns about Plumbing Patrol safety precautions, procedures, or operating hours. Please note that the COVID-19 situation is changing rapidly, and we must adjust our processes accordingly to best serve our communities but also ensure the safety of our employees and customers at 510-257-1400 or email us at

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